Blender Setup Guides

Blender is super powerful 3D Software, but it can be extremely complex to use, that is why we have made all of our files super easy to use, just download the file and it's contents, open up in Blender and run our included setup scripts that come with each file to do all of the complicated hard work for you!

Each setup guide shows you the step by step instructions so you can easily start editing your text and creating amazing animations in no time!

We recommend using a computer with a Graphics Card, and all of our Files have been made using Blender version 4.0.1

Carbon Fibre Blue

Bounce Up Text

Bullet Shatter

Calendar Animation

Gold Peel Reveal

Liquid Ooze

Metallic Rotating Text

Particle Dust

Particles Dissolve Text

Water Shoot

Wobbly Text

Baby Blocks

Shrink Wrapped Text

Rocks and Water

Waves Animated Text

Flame Thrower Text

Embossed Text

Inflated Text

Happy Birthday


Bevelled Text

Object Drop

Video Render Tool

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