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Welcome to 3D Names, this brand new version of our site is an all singing, all dancing new website and app that offers you amazing super high resolution 3D wallpapers for free!

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3D Names - super High 6k Resolution

>> Try downloading the samples and take a look at how detailed they are!

Ultra High Resolution 6K Wallpapers

  • 6K Wallpapers are 6000 x 6000 pixels in size... which is huge, that's 36 Megapixels of pure 3D awesomeness!

  • We now have 9 Wallpaper styles available in the new 6k sizes with over 100,000 searchable names to choose from, so if your name isn't on the list then you had better speak to your parents!

  • Try downloading some of the sample images and take a look at how detailed each one is... try setting it as your mobile background or use it as your desktop wallpaper on your gorgeous retina screen!

  • Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3

3D Names is available for all devices

Our App can be download for all iOS and Android users from the Apple and Google Play app stores respectively.

Download 3D Names on the Google Play StoreDownload 3D Names on the Apple App Store
* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Try it out now... search your name

  • Over 100,000 searchable names available in our database for you to instantly search for and download

  • Our servers contain Terabytes of images that available for you to search instantly, with over 12 million unique wallpapers in total!

  • Using our website you can search for your first name to see if we have it (we probably do!) and to download the wallpapers you need to either watch a small advert or complete a short survey... it's super simple!

  • 3D Names are free to use in your personal or commercial projects, just make sure you read our licencing details.

Over 100,000 3d names available

How 3D Names works?

Using our 3D Names App it could not be easier... download it now, and just follow these 3 easy steps:

Search for your name

Search for your name

Search our big library of over 100,000 names to see whats available for your first name.

Choose your wallpaper

Choose your wallpaper

See which of our 50+ styles your name comes in, and pick your favorite design

Watch Ad to download

Watch Ad to download

To download for free just watch the advert, or complete the short survey... it's really easy

Need to know more? Check out our About Section

Frequently asked questions

Got any questions about 3D Names... then hopefully we can clear up any of the mystery right here

Good question... I'm glad you asked! 3D Names is a collection of 1,948,147 wallpapers (that's almost 2 million images), totalling a whopping 1.2 TB (that's terabytes!) - in thousands of different names for you to search. They have been rendered out over the years to create the library of 50+ styles you see today

Unfortunately only the most popular search requests are rendered out first, so although the 100,000+ names to search from list is huge, we will not have every name under the sun (yet) - it does unfortunately mean that you have a very unique name however, so either come back another time, change your name, or go blame your parents for naming you so uniquely!

Some of the wallpapers require a ton of computer power to render them out, and they range from around 10 seconds to 5 minutes to fully render. With nearly 2 million wallpapers in total, even if each one took just 30 seconds then that's a whopping 1.85 years of non-stop rendering time. This is the only way we can provide you with super fast search results. One day we will look to start rendering them out on the fly, but for now you'll have to settle with lightening fast pre-rendered searches!

3D Names are now only available to download using the 3D Names application from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, you may search for them using this website, but to download them you must install the application. The reason being that the downloads are free, but you must watch a small advert before each download

3D Names like any platform incurs daily running costs, and although we'd love to be able to simply give away all of our lovely content for free to everyone, it wouldn't last, long before the server bills wouldn't be able to be paid and the website and app would have to pack up and be gone forever. So we simply ask that in order to download a wallpaper then please just watch a small advert before your download can begin!

We used to allow users to create any name they wanted in a variety of wallpapers and videos, however now that we have switched to a free model whereby downloads are given in exchange for a small advert we have removed this service. We may look to bring it back soon however, so watch this space.

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