Metallic Rotating Text Animation V1.0

This setup guide from will guide you through how you can create the following Metallic Rotating Text using our Blender file.

We have designed this download file to be used by anyone, and you do not have to have any knowledge of using Blender as long as you follow this step by step guide.

We have made this guide interactive, with checkboxes to tick off at each step, so you can keep track of your progress.

Happy Animating!

Video Previews

Create these animations with any text you like using our Blender file and this guide!

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You will need Blender Installed...

Please make sure you have Blender v4.0.1 installed on your computer, you can download it for free from - this file was made using Blender v4.0.1

Interactive Guide - toggle the switch on each step to mark it as completed!

1. Open Blender File

Download the Blender file, extract it somewhere and open up the MetallicRotatingTextV1.0.blend file in Blender, we recommend using Blender V4.0.1 or higher.

2. Edit Text

Select the Text object that says "Edit Me" and press the tab key on your keyboard to enter edit mode. You can now edit the text to whatever you like.

Step 2Step 2

3. Position/Resize Text

Move the text using "G" key to grab, and then move it around, or "S" key to scale it! Make sure it fits within the framed rectangle on the camera view.

Step 3

4. Check the animation

Move the timeline slider and check your animation looks ok, check the text doesn't go outside the camera frame. If it does, go back to the previous step and resize it.

5. Now Render the animation

If you'd like to render a still frame simply press the "F12" key on your keyboard, or if you'd like to render the animation, press the "Ctrl + F12" keys on your keyboard (or "CMD + F12" on Mac) - the rendered images will be saved in the renders folder.

"Your Text" as a video: