About3D Name & Wallpapers & 3D Text Generator

Thank you for visiting the 3D Names website, if you have come this far then you must be intrigued to read more on what exactly 3D names are, how they are made and of course how you download them, or even if you'd like to know more about the realtime 3D Text Generator.

NEW - A.I. Powered 3D Names - Whats this?

If you have used any Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered image generators before then you might have noticed they can be awful when trying to generate text in images! This is because the A.I. is trained on real images and not on text, so when you try and generate text the A.I. only approximates what it thinks the text should look like.

Here at 3D Names we have fixed this problem, and you can now type your text, choose a font and generate images in literally any style you can possibly imagine! The results are simply mind-blowing!

Try it out now using our A.I. Powered 3D Text Maker and see for yourself! Browse the 70+ template styles to see what it's capable of, or come up with your own style in anything you can imagine!

What are 3D Names JPEGs?

They are a big collection of 3D Rendered images created using a variety of 3D software - they were first created back in 2006 as part of a project to supply wallpapers as mobile backgrounds, but now they sit on the internet as a searchable wallpaper service where by you can download instantly. We currently have just over 100,500 searchable names and with the most popular names having nearly 50 available styles.

When I search the 3D Names JPEGs how is it so quick to make my name?

Because 3D Rendering is computationally expensive it takes time and CPU power to render out each image, this means that each wallpaper you see on our site can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to render out fully at our largest size of 6,000 x 6,000 pixels, so instead of rendering each 3D Name on the fly we instead do something called "pre rendering" which means they are created overnight and added the next day so that when you search for a name the results appear almost instantly.

What software is used to make 3D Names?

We use a mix of the following bit's of software to make our current list of 3D Names, and we totally recommend you check out these amazing products to start learning 3D yourselves!

Creative Cloud Link

👆 Adobe Creative cloud will let you easily create your own 3D Names using PhotoShop or After Effects, and you can now also try out their amazing A.I. tool called FireFly which will let you create amazing A.I. generated art in seconds!

"I have some designs - can I send them in?"

Of course... the more the merrier, please get in touch and you can send us your cool designs and if we like them we'll buy them from you and add to our collection!

2022 Website Version 8.00 Site Update

We have recently updated our Website to make it faster and more robust, & this time around we wrote it using NextJS and used TailwindCSS. You can read more about this latest website update here

Introducing the 3D Text Generator

Oct, 2022 - 3D Names has recently launched a brand new part of the website called the 3D Text Generator, made using the power of JavaScript and WebGL these new 3D Names use your computers GPU to render out the 3D in realtime.

When the 3D Names website was first made back in 2006, there was no way a browser could render out 3D in realtime, but with todays powerful mobile phones and computers we can now render out amazing looking 3D in realtime.

The 3D Text Generator allows you to edit the text, as well as change multiple other options such as the background colors, choose different textures, change the camera angle, change the environment maps... it's really quite neat.

3D Text Generator - Any name you want screen editing screenshot
👆 Scene 8 in action - try it out yourself now

Everything is possible

By generating the 3D Directly in your browser then there are literally infinite possibilities that the 3D Names website can create. You are now no-longer limited to the pre-rendered wallpapers and instead can create your own 3D Text in realtime.

Please note - you will need a relatively powerful computer or mobile phone to run the 3D Text Generator, and make sure you have a speedy internet connection as well! Enjoy!