Water Shoot V1.0

This setup guide from www.3dnames.co will guide you through how you can create the following Water Shoot using our Blender file.

We have designed this download file to be used by anyone, and you do not have to have any knowledge of using Blender as long as you follow this step by step guide.

We have made this guide interactive, with checkboxes to tick off at each step, so you can keep track of your progress.

Happy Animating!

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Create these animations with any text you like using our Blender file and this guide!

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You will need Blender Installed...

Please make sure you have Blender v4.0.1 installed on your computer, you can download it for free from https://www.blender.org/download/releases/4-0/ - this file was made using Blender v4.0.1

Interactive Guide - toggle the switch on each step to mark it as completed!

1. Open Blender File

Download the ZIP file, extract it somewhere and open up the WaterFlowBehindTextV1.0.blend file in Blender, we recommend using Blender V4.0.1 or higher.

2. Launch the 3D Names Panel

When you open the file - all you need to do is press the small play icon ▷ at the top as per the screenshot below - then in the 3D Viewport there will be a new Panel called "3D Names" - this panel contains everything we need for this files Water Fluid effect to work.

Step 2

1. Press the Play icon as marked, 2. The new panel will appear on the right hand side, to show or hide this panel you can press the "N" key on your keyboard

3. Edit Text & Re-position

Select the Text object that says "Edit Me" and press the "TAB" key on your keyboard to enter edit mode. You can now edit the text to whatever you like. To exit text edit mode, press the "TAB" key once more (Hide and un-hide the right panel by pressing the "N" key on your keyboard) - to move the text around press the "G" key on your keyboard, and to scale the text press the "S" key.

Step 3

Fit the text within the red guides on the left, right, and the bottom

4. Run Set up Scene Button

In the "3D Names" panel - click the "Set Up Scene" button to set up the animation for the water of your text! This might pause for a few seconds, but once done press the z key and switch to "Rendered" view and there should be what looks like a blue glass/water cube surrounding your text! (Your text will no longer be editable after this point)

Step 4

5. Select a bake setting

OK now everything is ready - we need to bake it! Select one of the settings Low, Medium, High, or Ultra (We recommend starting with Low first, as it's way quicker) - so click the Low button

Step 5

6. Baking the animation

Now to bake it - this will process all the water fluid using real physics calculations, so it might take a while depending on your computer's speed. This is why we recommend using the Low bake setting first, as it's way quicker. To do this, select the object on the right called 'FluidDomainBox', then in the properties box select the Physics tab, and then scroll down until you see a button saying "Bake All" - click this and wait for it to finish! There will be a % Progress Bar at the bottom of the window, wait until this completes

Step 6Step 6

7. Check frames & Render Animation

Now move the timeline at the bottom to check to see the water fluid simulation, If you'd like to render a still frame simply press the "F12" key on your keyboard, or if you'd like to render the animation, press the "Ctrl + F12" keys on your keyboard (or "CMD + F12" on Mac) - the rendered images will be saved in the renders folder. 💦

Step 7

Understanding the Water bake resolutions

Watch this video above to understand what the water looks like when baked at different resolutions - as you can see the higher the resolution, the more realistic it starts to look, it also splashes with more dramatic effect against the text. Higher resolutions will take longer to bake, so we recommend starting with the Low setting first, and then if you want to make it look more realistic, try the Medium setting, and so on. 💦

Turn your PNG frames into a Video

To turn your rendered PNG frames into a video, please take a look at the following Video Render Tool guide

"Your Text" as a video: