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New Names Added (2014 article)

Over 5,000 new names were added today! I finally found the time to get round to doing them! Phew!!!

New Names Added (2014 article)

New Names Added (Old article)

PLEASE NOTE - This old blog article is now out of date.

Over 5,000 new names were added today. I have finally found time to go through the backlog of the names that need rendering out, and my last render machine had blown up so wasn't able to keep up with the demand!

Anyhow... I've put the most popular name requests list of these names below, so please check to see if your name is on the list! If not then please come and knock on my door with a 6 pack of beers and I'll be sure to put you to the top of the queue! ;-)

See 2021 Update where 100,000 names have been added