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Super WordSearch Game

A game by the people behind 3D Names. This article explains how it works, where you can get it from and how you can play it.

Super WordSearch Game

Foreword by the developer:

Hello, I'm Joe, and I develop Websites and Apps. As a developer you often have older projects that don't work out for whatever reason, and back in 2010 I started working on a Wordsearch based game, needless to say it never worked out, so last year (in 2021) I decided I'd start from scratch & rewrite this game again, the result is this - a super simple game where you find the words and guess the category!

App Store Links:

The game is available for both iOS and Android, for iPhones and iPads you can find the game here: Super Wordsearch on the Apple App Store and here: Super Wordsearch on the Google Play Store

The game is free to download and play, but you can buy or earn hints through rewarded adverts

The Game:

If you'd like to jump straight into a demo game, you can play a slimmed down version in your browser here: ๐Ÿ”—

The idea behind this game is extremely simple, Pick a Difficulty, then choose a level. Next you need to try and find all of the words within the grid, once you've found all the words you need to figure out the category that they belong to:

Now it's pretty obvious in the above Example that the words "TRACTOR, COW, HORSE, SHEEP, CHICKEN" (and PIG still yet to be found) all belong the the category FARM

The web demo itself only has 12 easy playable levels, but the Apple and Android apps have over 300 levels to play. Split into 4 difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme

A word of warning the Extreme levels are really really tough! Only the most avid of Word Search fans will be able to guess them!

So please go and take a look now, the App is completely free to download and play! I've included in App Purchases and rewarded Ads in order for you to be able to buy or earn hints to help you through the levels.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play