Joe Gilmore

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Hello Danbo

Please welcome aboard the awesome looking Danbo (AKA Boxman) to the 3D Names universe! Now available for the top 27,496 most popular names

Hello Danbo

Welcome aboard Danbo!

Welcome to the 3D Names Universe Danbo! With your cute little boxman figure you are so photogenic! Danbo is a comic book figurine from 2006 and is available to buy as a plastic figure.

Using the Danbo figurine I purchased from Amazon I have been taking him out for many Photoshoots and created some awesome new 3D names available for you to put your own name on!

There are currently just over 60,000 names added with the Danbo figure, please send me a message if you'd like to have any more names added?

Search your name now and see if we have Danbo as a 3D Name!