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Google Fonts are just awesome! If like us, then you probably use them as your go to resource for using a free font. However one problem you may encounter with using some of the fonts is that they do not always work perfectly in 3D.

Good and Bad fonts when rendered in Blender

The reason why some of the fonts do not work in 3D can be due to various reasons, such as the font being too thin, or the way the vectors are placed in the font file, which work fine in 2D, but cause issues when bringing into 3D. We could go into detail here, but for now lets just say some fonts work "out of the box" and others don't. Of course there are ways to manually fix the fonts if you have the patience, but that can be very time consuming.

So we took every Google font and rendered it out in 3D using Blender. We extruded it by 0.15, and applied a bevel of 0.005 to it* - We then rendered out the full alphabet and numbers, and some common symbols.

* Why a bevel? To be fair some of the jagged edges you see in our renders would be improved if we removed the bevel, but seeing as 3D Text always look a bit crap without a bevel, we wanted to include one in our tests.