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Carrara 5 Pro
Daz 3D - Carrara 5 Pro

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Carrara 5 Pro

Carrara 5 Pro

What is Carrara 5 Pro by Daz 3D?

Carrara 5 Pro brings you a host of improved character animation tools, such as a new joint orientation tool that streamlines bone setups, making the whole process more efficient. Over time, Carrara 5 Pro has evolved into a robust suite for modeling, animation, and effects.

Explore Carrara's extensive libraries, featuring hundreds of ready-to-use models, textures, and scenes, accompanied by a comprehensive PDF manual for your reference. Access online training through Eovia Website and third-party books to enhance your skills.

Discover the new replicator, capable of creating clear arrays of objects, and the surface replicator that lets you randomly distribute objects along any surface. Carrara's powerful toolset includes Skylights, Caustics, Indirect Lighting, Ray Tracing, and Motion Blur.

Extend Carrara's capabilities with a range of powerful plugins available from Eovia, such as ShaderStyle, VectorStyle, CADStyle, and third-party plugins from Digital Carvers Guild. Despite its sophisticated modeling and animation tools, Carrara boasts a shallow learning curve, making it accessible to users of all levels.

With its affordable price, Carrara stands out as the ultimate choice for 2D artists looking to transition into the world of 3D. Dive into a world of creativity and expression with Carrara 5 Pro!