New Website Launched (2014 article)

New Website Launched (2014 article)

Today I launched the brand spanking new website! Using bootstrap I have made this as mobile friendly as possible yet still keep it looking as fancy as possible!

New Website Launched (Old article)

PLEASE NOTE - This blog article is now out of date, and a new website has replaced the 2014 version.

Today I launched the new 3D Names website... it's fully responsive and should work on all devices including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer! I have used both Bootstrap and Unify theme from, as using a pre built theme really helps to speed up development considerably (Why re-invent the wheel!)

This is the third build I've done in the last year, and I'm hoping I have finally found the right balance now and can finally settle down to a design that will last at least another 4 or so years!

I have also decided to make use of a website a friend of mine found called: - they have built an API that makes your users create a post on their social networks in order to get a reward... this is perfect for the content on my website as I want to offer it for free but the only way my website can exist is due to the advertising revenue it generates which pays for the server plus a few beers at the end of the week!

I will be keeping a close eye on how it performs with the new website design and functionality! Fingers crossed!