About 3D Names

Thank you for visiting the 3D Names website, if you have come this far then you must be intrigued to read more on what exactly 3D names are, how they are made and of course how you download them.

What are 3D Names

They are a big collection of 3D Rendered images created using a variety of 3D software - they were first created back in 2006 as part of a project to supply wallpapers as mobile backgrounds, but now they sit on the internet as a free to use service where by you can download using our iOS/Apple or Android Apps. We currently have just over 100,500 searchable names and with the most popular names having nearly 50 available styles.

When I search how is it so quick to make my name?

Because 3D Rendering is computationally expensive it takes time and CPU power to render out each image, this means that each wallpaper you see on our site can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to render out fully at our largest size of 6,000 x 6,000 pixels, so instead of rendering each 3D Name on the fly we instead do something called "pre rendering" which means they are created overnight and added the next day so that when you search for a name the results appear almost instantly.

What software is used to make 3D Names?

We use a mix of the following bit's of software to make our current list of 3D Names, and we totally recommend you check out these amazing products to start learning 3D yourselves!

2021 - Site update!

3D Names website has recently had a new facelift and a bit of a performance boost... if you'd like to read more about how this was done , please see below:

A technical note from the website author

  The original 3D Names website was built over 15 years ago using clunky old PHP and MySQL and sat on a Linux server which was plagued with problems such as downtime, CPU spikes, unnecessarily expensive to run, poorly written patchwork code all over the place, and maintenance nightmare, but with this latest update I wanted to be able to place it into the cloud and hosted completely "ServerLess", so after a lot of research I handpicked what I thought would be the best technologies for this new website to be able to run for the next 2-3 years and as (hopefully) hassle free as possible. Here is a breakdown of what was done:

  • Completely removed the need for an SQL type database and instead used Node to generate a static API to host all of the data for the 2 million images
  • Created a entirely new front end using React to make the user experience as quick as possible (well at least while it can still look relatively pretty that is!)
  • Made use of React Static - an awesome library made by Tanner Linsley @ https://nozzle.io/ to create the 2 million .index.html pages required to make the site load super quick for SEO, to read more about React Static please read this article here: ⚛️ 🚀 Introducing React-Static — A progressive static-site framework for React!
  • Started to take advantage of the new image formats .webp and .avif where possible to increase site loading speeds (Will be rolling out more soon)
  • Rendered out an extra 100,000 names in 10 new styles
  • Built a new App where downloads are 100% free to use! Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

  By using React as the front end code base I was able to create a super fast website that serves over 2 million HTML pages with super fast response times... and each page can easily be indexed via a search engine due to the neat power behind the React Static library.     - Joe Gilmore, site Author

"I have some designs - can I send them in?"

Of course... the more the merrier, please get in touch and you can send us your cools designs and if we like them we'll buy them from you and add to our collection!